Nobilem is a beer brand driven by a team of young entrepreneurs. With our Premium Tripel we wanted to enter the market immediately with a high-flyer. For three years we have been working hard to improve and refine our recipe in order to arrive at the - for us - ideal triple. Recently we have also launched Nobilem blonde as a fresh addition to our range. An ideal thirst-quencher with little alcohol.

Our beers are brewed in collaboration with Beerselect Brewery. This allows us to guarantee beer of the highest quality.

The name Nobilem finds its origin in the Latin language and is derived from the word Nobilis. This means nothing less than 'praised, excellent or outstanding'. With this name we like to refer to the delicious flavors of our beers. Enjoying quality is central to our experience.

We are convinced that the capabilities of our beers extend beyond simply knocking back a beer. A Nobilem Tripel or Nobilem Blonde can not only be drunk, but can also be truly appreciated.

We unquestionably place Nobilem alongside quality wine or some bubbles. We would even dare to say that our beer is a match for a glass of champagne. Nobilem can be enjoyed at a variety of occasions: whether in the form of a matching beer at a restaurant, or in a cosy café or in the sun on a terrace. It can also be served at a reception, just like a glass of bubbles.